I keep getting this question every now and then. Questions include :- Is this certification guaranteed to get me a job in this company? Can I do a career switch with a certification? A recent interaction gave me insight on how some companies unethically promise the participants a job if they get certification from them. At the end the participant is left in a lurch as there is no job.

Let me attempt to address this matter once in for all. Firstly your certification alone does not guarantee a better job. Its only a means to an end. It enables you to get that interview , or get that initial conversation with a prospect or start the ball rolling. Many companies require certified personnel due to a client requirement or tender requirement. In addition to the certification what will push you up is the skill and experience.

Its a steady mix of certification, skill and experience. All these three combine to give the ultimate career boost. If you want to change career you will need to get certified in the career that you want to do and at same time your resume must reflect any relevant project or effort you did in past that can contribute to this career shift.

How do you know what is the relevant certification to take. Do your own market survey or analysis . You can see where there is a demand. Go search on leading job portals. See what kind of certification requirements are asked for jobs in addition to experience. That will give you an idea.

At GKK we strive to enable the customer. The certification that is recommended is based on their experience and realistically where it can take them. Like I have had previous cases where I recommended a candidate to go for LEAN SIX SIGMA BLACK BELT as they had lot of experience in process improvement but no certification. That one move contributed immensely for the candidate. The other was for a IT supervisor stuck in same job for 5 years. He took the ITIL Intermediate Service Operation module and within a year got a job in leading MNC as job requirements highlighted need for ITIL intermediate cert with experience.